Old Hobbies, New Outlet

  • 22 December 2014
  • Author: Dan Santee
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Old Hobbies, New Outlet

I spent most of my childhood tinkering with things in one way or another - whether it was my TRS-80 Color Computer 2, random electronics from Radio Shack, or mostly nonfunctional secondhand computers, I was always interested in understanding how things work.  As an adult with my own children, I find that not much has changed - I still love building, fixing and improving the things I find around me.  At this point, I have a fully-functioning home automation system (my wife thinks it's on its way to becoming self-aware), a RepRap 3D printer, a desk dedicated to my Arduino projects, and a garage full of tools - all of which I use regularly to create things both strange and wonderful.

I'm not very good at participating on site forums - though I often lurk and learn there - so I've decided that this will be the place I go to display and discuss the things I'm working on.  Hopefully, there will be some fun things, and a few places where others can learn from the mistakes I make along the way.  I'll probably ramble a bit, too.

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